Accounting Services

At Priti Lad Professional Corporation, we offer accurate and reliable accounting services that are tailored to your individual bookkeeping needs. We help you stay organized and profitable so that you have more time and money available to focus on building your business. We understand the operational, organizational and unique accounting requirements that are necessary to succeed. Having savvy accounting services and well-organized financial records will ensure that your business can run optimally and efficiently to help your business succeed.

Project-Based Accounting

If you operate on a project-by-project basis, let us track your finances and assist you in making the necessary decisions at the project-level. If what you’re looking for is more streamlined financial operations across all your projects, we can assist with that too. We can help structure your accounting practices so that you can focus on the more important aspects of running your business.

Tax and Compliance Forms

Our firm can craft a specially tailored tax strategy and file your returns each year to improve your business operations. Our professional accounting services ensure that your government remittances and compliance forms like your GST/HST, WSIB, ROE’s, T4, and EHT forms are accurately prepared and submitted. That way you never have to worry about missing an important line item or step that could create a liability risk and impact your business.

Business Consulting                                                                                      

Our primary mission is to help business professionals succeed through attentive budgetary consultations and thoughtful, in-depth analysis of their finances. Whether you’re carrying out a re-organization or re-structuring, need assistance, with shareholder and/or partnership agreements and/or contracts, or want help adapting your business plan from a financial perspective, Priti Lad Professional Corporation is ready to step in and guide you in the most beneficial direction of least resistance.

Incorporation Services

We can also assist your business with the incorporation process. Complete with a full consultation and dedicated analysis by our team of experts, we’ll assist with your government registration, corporate name, by-laws, and resolutions, and even share certificates as well as perform other duties the incorporation process normally entails.

A Diverse Client Base

Priti Lad Professional Corporation’s clients come from all walks of life and specialize in a vast range of fields, including corporations, retailers, medical practices, consultants, wholesalers, construction and contractor companies, and commercial organizations among many others. This means that we have comprehensive accounting and business solutions experience, and are more than ready to handle any challenge that you bring to us to solve. With our years of experience across a range of professional fields, we’re proud to serve you as the optimal solution.