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Priti Lad Professional Corporation is a small accounting firm that provides accounting systems and solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

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Accounting Services

Bookkeeping, including preparation of HST return on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis

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Controllership/Consulting Services

No business is too small to have a chief financial officer.

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Payroll Services

Save time and money while reducing risk with our payroll services.

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Small Business Advisory Services

Help in making decision either to incorporate or not to incorporate & more.

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Ottawa Accounting Firm

Priti Lad Professional Corporation is a small accounting firm that provides accounting systems and solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Accounting today is about much more than crunching numbers. It is about developing a complete financial picture of an organization and making long-term strategic decisions to help business succeed in a competitive marketplace.

The majority of businesses will need the services of an accountant for certain tasks. Even owners with accounting backgrounds will need help from time to time. It is challenging enough to run the business, much less keep up with tax or benefit law changes.


Different ways I can assist your business

  • Perform operational reviews to help run your business more efficiently.
  • Help set up your accounting systems.
  • Prepare periodic financial statements and annual reports.
  • Analyse your financial statements, identify and find solution for any problem areas.
  • Act as your advisor in financial and administrative matters.
  • Help you develop a budget and a system of reporting to monitor budget.
  • Prepare tax returns and assist with tax planning.
  • Determine working capital and cash flow requirements.
  • Analyse product and customer profitability, and breakeven levels.
  • Set up a tax calendar and a system to help you stay compliance.

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